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      Bale Baron UK are now official UK dealers for FJ Dynamics. We currently stock the RTK GPS Auto steering kit, Base units and Wireless cameras. Below we have outlined a few key features of the product range. 


      Bale Baron UK can now offer a competitively priced retrofit autosteer RTK GPS system. Easy to fit to any machine with RTK accuracy of 2.5cm it’s the ideal solution to increase productivity and reduce wastage.

      Centimetre level positioning

      Using RTK technology FJ Dynamics auto steering kit has accuracy up to 2.5cm at an average speed of 0.7-15km/h. 

      GNSS antennas paired with the sensor module give an ultra strong and stable signal which ensures high precision and reliability. 

      Currently available with both straight line and curved mode, upgrades are regularly released with new features, these are installed remotely.

      Extensive Compatibility

      Fits a range of agri machinery such as tractors, combines, sprayers etc. with different steering column attachments, 

      The auto steering kit can be used for a wide range of farming operations such as spreading fertiliser, harrowing, overseeding, drilling, mowing etc. 

      U-turn Auto-driving

      While driving at low speeds U-turn auto driving can be enabled where the system will automatically turn around and drive up the next AB line with no input required from the driver

      Terrain Compensation

      The auto steering kit uses an IMU sensor to calculate the difference between the GPS antenna’s location and the actual desired position of the vehicle’s centre point. This allows the vehicle to maintain the correct line regardless of the ground level. This then helps to minimise any overlaps and missed areas where the ground is rough or sloping

      GIS Data Import/Export (upgrade due shortly)

      Historical data regarding field size and operation can be edited and transferred from one FJ Dynamics device to another. 

      ISOBUS Compatibility (upgrade imminent) 

      With the latest update the FJ Dynamics screen will be fully ISOBUS compatible, allowing you to use any ISOBUS compatible implements (e.g. Bale Baron, Spreader, Seeder etc.) with your FJ Dynamics screen. We are currently testing this upgrade at Bale Baron UK.

      Easy Install

      DIY installation is easy with on screen instructions for setup or call for a fully installed price. 

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