Special Offer - Speedy Grease Gun, G Coupler, and x18 GL EP Grease Cartridges (RRP £105.00+VAT)
Speedy Grease (Bale Baron UK Ltd)

Special Offer - Speedy Grease Gun, G Coupler, and x18 GL EP Grease Cartridges (RRP £105.00+VAT)

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Special Offer:

Includes the Speedy Grease Gun, M10 G Coupler and x18 Lithium Grease GL EP Cartridges (Speedy Grease cartridges come with sealing caps already installed)

Speedy Grease Gun

The Speedy Grease Gun is a new grease gun which has revolutionized grease application.

  • Delivery pressure up to 800 BAR
  • Delivering a quantity of 2,5cc each pump (twice the traditional grease guns)
  • Weight Kg 1,6
  • Cartridge content 400cc/600cc (British standard cartridges) 
  • Magnet power > Kg. 60

M10 G Coupler

The G Coupler has a unique sliding sleeve, activated by a thumb lever. The sleeve either locks the four spring-steel jaws onto the Zerk fitting or releases the jaws from the Zerk. When the jaws are locked onto the Zerk a leak-proof seal is created.

No hands are needed to align or hold the coupler in place while greasing. The locked connection is positive and rigid preventing the coupler from coming loose and breaking the leak-proof seal. If a fitting becomes pressurized, especially a recessed one, just depress the thumb lever and release the coupler.

Stuck-on couplers are a thing of the past. Because it does not leak, the grease goes in, not on the machine and the bearings get the grease they so desperately need.

Lithium Grease GL EP Cartridges x 18


Products belonging to GL EP range are multi functional greases. They are lithium soap based containing “EP” additives (free from heavy metals) which make them suitable to bear heavy loads, impacts or vibrations.

The use of highly refined mineral oils and the addition of a balanced set of additives guarantees long lasting lubricant efficiency. Which will significantly contribute to extending the useful life of mechanisms lubricated with these greases.

Thanks to their homogeneous structure they are easily pumped and the polymeric additive gives the grease remarkable adhesive properties to the parts.


Products belonging to GL EP range are particularly indicated for the lubrication of mechanical organs operating in hard conditions. Such as heavy loads, the presence of moisture or dust in the environment, high temperatures and irregular stresses.

GL EP greases are suitable for all kinds of sphere and rolling bearings and are used in every industrial, agricultural and automotive field. Solving most of the widespread grease lubrication needs in the majority of industrial machinery and the automotive field.

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