About Us

Bale Baron UK Ltd are UK importers of the Speedy Grease System, a new grease gun that lubricates in a revolutionary manner. We also sell a wide range of high-quality Blue Spot tools and products, which all come with a lifetime guarantee.

We have been selling the Speedy Grease System and the Speedy Grease System Light, as well as many other products such as the Lock N Lube grease coupler for 3 years. All our fitters  from our works at Bale Baron UK use them and we have many customers returning for additional guns.  As well as a price match guarantee on the speedy grease system we also offer very competitively priced grease cartridges and a range of Blue Spot tools with a lifetime guarantee. 


Offering an exceptional pressure of 800bars (11,200PSI)

 2.5cc of grease per shot - that's twice the pump rate of traditional guns so you can get on with the job faster.